What is Website Performance and How Important Is It?

Website performance wasn’t always a major factor in the web design industry. Previously, it was all about visual appeal, cluttered designs that many thought looked good. Today, website performance is everything. The days of poorly designed websites are over. Believe it or not, many businesses still have poor-performing websites and little do they know, this … Read more

New Affordable Flat-Rate Website Plans

What is the first thing you think of when pondering about getting a new website? More than likely you are thinking about how much it will cost. This is the very question I get every time a new project inquiry comes in; “How much will it cost?” There are many different size projects. For the … Read more
5 Best Benefits of a Website Subscription Plan over Traditional Methods

5 Best Benefits of a Website Subscription Plan over Traditional Methods

Since the beginning of the web design industry, the process has always been the same. You request a quote from a developer, you pay a large upfront payment to get started, and then owe another large payment once the project is complete. This is the traditional method of website creation. While this method does work, … Read more

What Makes a Good Website?

While the internet has existed for a long time, most people have never purchased a website and do not know what to look for.To find the right developer, you have to browse portfolios and agency websites based solely on visual styles and price. It isn’t enough to consider those things when making an important decision … Read more

Why Reputation Management For Business Is Important

The importance of reputation management In today’s day and age, your reputation is everything. You can’t do anything it seems without someone taking notice of all your actions. Welcome to the world of online reviews, where your reputation can skyrocket to the top, or fall to the ground. I work in not only website design … Read more

How Much Does It Really Cost To Maintain a Website?

One of the big questions in the website design industry is, how much does it cost to maintain the site? A lot of people think a website is a set it and forget it type thing. But nowadays, that is a very dangerous mindset to be in. Owning a website is no different than owning … Read more

Google officially launches Mobile-First search indexing. What does this mean for those who have a website?

Google has started to roll out it’s mobile-first indexing algorithm and it could play havoc with your search ranking. This new setup was first teased about a year and a half ago and has been in testing ever since. If you were a site owner using Google’s Webmaster tools, now called Search console, you were … Read more

What is SEO and why is it important?

Let’s face it, if you are a business owner, you may have no clue on what SEO really means and how it can help propel your company into higher profits. First off, SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is something that can make or break your company. SEO is basically a set of rules … Read more