Monitor Reviews

Keep track of all your customer reviews, wherever they are posted

Integrate all reviews into one visual dashboard, discover where your online reputation needs to improve and respond quickly to negative reviews.

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Understand your reputation from a broader perspective.

A lot of review sites, not enough time. Your customer feedback can be combined in one dashboard to paint a clear picture of your performance so you know where to focus your efforts.

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See and Respond to All Your Reviews

You can be sure that your online reputation is secure – from Avvo to Zomato – with 80+ general and niche review sites that are constantly monitored for your business reviews.

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Reviews are important and shouldn’t be ignored.

See what’s being said about your business, and where. The daily report we send provides you with a glimpse of your customers’ reviews, ensuring that no customer is forgotten or missed. Responding to reviews helps attract new customers and gains their trust and loyalty. 

Fires can be suppressed faster.

Complaints are best handled as quickly as possible. With just a few clicks, you can easily respond to Google or Facebook reviews without ever leaving your dashboard.

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