Website Care Plans

Castle website care plans help keep your site updated, secure and fast performing. We provide all that is needed for your website maintenance needs.

We maintain your website while you focus on running your business.

When it comes to your website security, updates, and other back-end management, it can be a daunting task. Castle Web provides our clients with full-service website care plans to make sure your site runs smoothly, 24/7.

In today’s world, a website isn’t a “set it and forget it” type of situation. A website can easily be infected with malware, have outages, attacked by brute force botnets and other cyberattacks. So it is important to have a plan ready to go. We cover every aspect of your site when it comes to its operational protocols. 

Your website is your command center.

Think of your website as a command center. It has all your public information readily available to your customers and prospects. It generates leads for your business to bring in money. This is the most integral part of any business, so when it goes down or is unhealthy, your business will suffer. 

When something happens to the website, do you have the time to try and fix it yourself? There is a lot that goes into keeping a website maintained, so many business owners just simply do not have the time, and leaving the site unattended can cause severe consequences. A website care plan is an intricate part in keeping your site up and running.

A website can become critical at any moment.

In today’s world, all software must be updated on a continuing basis. Just like how large companies such as Microsoft update their flagship product Windows, your website requires constant software updates as well. Keeping your software updated will keep your website healthy and less prone to be infected by malware. The updates provide security, stability, and performance upgrades that every website needs.

Castle Web has a team of WordPress experts who know the system inside out and perform daily updates on all our website care plan clients. Our experts keep things up-to-date while you focus on your business.

Let us take the helm.

With all of our care plans, you don’t need to worry about the logistics and operations of your awesome, fast website. Castle team members make sure that the site runs smoothly, all the time. They check everything, every day to ensure proper operation so you can run your business worry free.

All Websites Are Hosted On Our Enterprise Class VPS Servers

Every care plan website are hosted on enterprise-level VPS hosting solutions. No shared hosting, just fast delivery of your site, no matter where your visitors are located. There are no hidden fees from third parties as we include everything in your affordable monthly rates. 

Support Included With Fast Turnaround Times.

The Castle Web turnaround guarantee ensures that all your requests are taken care of quickly and adequately. The majority of our support requests are handled via email and our client portal system within a couple of hours.

All support is handled by us without the use of call centers or account numbers. Your accounts are handled by a dedicated team who are familiar with your website and can handle your requests with ease. You will always interact with the same team members for the lifetime of your project with us.

All care plan support is handled by our team members who know your project and can assist quickly. 

Key Care Plan Features

care plan software updates

Software Updates

All software on your website is updated and tested on a private staging site. This includes core software, plugins, security, and more. If an update passes our security inspection, it is pushed to the live site.

care plan enterprise hosting

Enterprise Hosting

All care plan sites are hosted on enterprise-class servers. We utilize the world’s top VUTR servers for the best speed and security. Servers are located all around the world.

care plan daily backups

Daily Backups

We back up all sites on a daily basis. Never worry about losing data as we can just roll back to an archived version of your site. Easy and worry-free.

care plan monthly hosting

Monthly Reports

We provide monthly reports on every update that is performed on your site. Reports include analytical data, commerce reports and so much more. We keep you informed.

Castle Care $75/mo

In the Castle Care Plan, We fully manage your website and make sure it is run to the highest standards. Get unlimited content update requests, priority support response times, and the best security, performance, and monitoring tools. 

  • Premium Managed Cloud High-Frequency Hosting
  • Enterprise-class CDN
  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • Onsite & Offline backups (daily)
  • Security scans (daily)
  • Performance testing (Daily)
  • Core software updates (Daily)
  • Database optimization (Weekly)
  • Software license verification (Quarterly)
  • Analytics setup
  • Malware protection and removal
  • Website and email anti-spam/delivery protection
  • Access to our WordPress experts via our client portal
  • Fast turnaround for content updates (Within 24hrs, normally within 3 to 5 hours depending on the queue)
  • Monthly care plan activity report
  • Visual Regression Tests
  • Unlimited email support
  • Unlimited 30-minute tasks*
  • Fully managed Google Search Console
  • Daily Staging Site Backups
  • Approximately $1,000+ in Licensed software including Object Cache Pro, SEO, premium security, anti-spam and more.

*Thirty-Minute Tasks are content edits, updates, or changes that can be completed in 30-minutes or less. Does not include new functionality or additional pages. Maximum 1 thirty-minute task per day.

Care Plan FAQ

Is a care plan really necessary?

The majority of the websites we build all work on the WordPress platform. This is the most used platform on the internet and powers approximately 40% of all websites. That’s a lot and it’s a haven for hackers and malware. So in short, yes, a care plan should be a requirement when having a website.  The days of “set it and forget it” are over. If a website is not well maintained, it’s going to break, it’s going to get sick and shut down. Just like a vehicle, if it’s not taken care of, you are dead in the water. 

I have a basic site with no real big features, does it really need software updates?

Software is always being updated. Updates are for various reasons such as new features, patches, bug fixes, and security. A vulnerable piece of software, whether it’s core or a simple plugin can be an easy way to break into your website and completely take it over. 

Things to consider are this; The more plugins you have on your website, the more possible vulnerabilities you give to hackers and malware. Some websites have upwards of almost 100 plugins, which is insane. Today, it’s pretty common for a business to have around 15 to 30 plugins, which we feel is still too many, but this is the average we have seen. The sites that we build normally range from 15 to 20, sometimes less. This is a lot of software updates to keep track of for those who are not used to this type of thing. 

Do you require a care plan?

No, we do not require a care plan. In the case where you do not want us to professionally maintain the site, you will need to provide your own hosting. Our sites are built for speed and performance and require a professional hosting environment. If you use shared hosting, or other cheap hosting services, your website performance will tank and will cause slow load times on your site.

Any hidden charges?

Nope, what you see above is what is included in the care plan we offer.

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